amber nicole (_feisty_) wrote in hottxbitches,
amber nicole

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warhol, not 56k friendly <3

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ohh.. i like those... the colors are so pretty, as well as you are!
thank you babe <3
you may not be hott, but you are a bitch!

jay kay, ellowell. please don't get me banned... i just wanted to say it to someone here, and you were on the top.

it wasn't even funny. especially if i backtrack.
that was hilfuckingarious. what you have failed to realize is that i'm the mod, dollface.
nice but u know warhol did his in more of a sequence, i believe it was 3x3 setup, but its nice all together and u know im just kidden with ya about the whole warhol thing
very cute
whoa, nearly forgot about this place, i LOVE those pics and colors!
thank you, haha. they were posted like 48572895726486 years ago :) but thanks <3
well I don't check clubs often
i'm just teasing <3

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